ohh, faithful.

really. honestly. i am faithful because there are so many different sides of me to satisfy. i can't help that. the only way to help that is to suppress myself. and i've realized that the only way to do that is to kill myself. and i'm most certianly not going to do that. therefore, i can't help it.

this one, he smokes pall malls, like my good friend bukowski. he lives up north, so far up there that Canadian wind blows in through his window. he told me. i've never experienced it, but i can imagine that Canadian wind is distinctive. i'll take his word for it. i'll take his word for a lot of things.
i'll just take his word.

he is a pisces and i am a cancer. we both live in the water, but the thing is, i can go to land whenever i want. i have legs. claws, too. and i know how to use them. you're pretty helpless when you're a fish.

riddle: how does a twin and a crab get along?

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